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Monthly Dinner Series: Chards
Friday,September 24th, 2010, dinner served at 8:00pm
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concurrent with Treasure Frey: Shards
September 10- October 3rd, 2010
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September already? Where has the summer gone? Sound familiar? Before you know it, we will be putting on our winter jackets. So join us on Friday, September 24th at 8pm for Chards, a fun yet restful meal that will help bring us colorfully into the new fall art season and catch you up with Treasure Frey: Shards; the first NY solo show for Ms. Frey a Los Angeles based artist who's work explores the boundaries of her paper works, offering assemblies that appear to have burst from their constraints, and then been carefully pieced back together.

Our dinners always offer you a night that's positively soaked in art, as well as food. As you dine you'll enjoy a discussion with Treasure Frey the artists behind Shards. Old friends and new faces alike will be there, some showing off how far they've come, some showing off the direction they're headed. We'll be celebrating the work on the walls around us, how it was made, how the past has effected it and what is to come in the future for Frey.

Served family style in the gallery itself, our dinner series is designed to let you enjoy a scrumptious meal while having a thoughtful conversation with strangers. Let yourself be inspired together by the beautiful work covering our walls. Just $45 per person covers dinner, drinks and entertainment. Dinner is served at 8:00pm.

Reservations Required!
Make your reservations before Wednesday, August 18th.
Use the Paypal link above and reserve your space, or contact us
at 718.388.5388 or via our email address
Reservations required!

  {224 Roebling Street. Brooklyn, NY 11211}{718-388-5388} {}{Wed - Sun 12-7, Mon by appt. only}