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Like the Spice at the Roger Smith Hotel March 19th - April 18th, 2010
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Like the Spice at the Roger Smith Hotel
March 19th, 2010 - April 18th, 2010

featuring the work of Jason Bryant, Allison Edge, and Ross Racine
Opening Night Reception: March 19th, 7pm - 10pm
Like the Spice Dinner Series: Roger That RSVP Required! Click here to RSVP!
Like the Spice is very pleased to be involved with a very special exhibition at the Roger Smith Hotel. Located at 501 Lexington Avenue, the art-friendly Roger Smith Hotel has been committed to providing guests and visitors with a creative and entertaining experience that stimulates thought and conversation. That's why we were so pleased to be invited, and why we think our artists will fit their style perfectly.

Starting out as a kid in rural North Carolina, Jason Bryant turned a fascination with drawing into a love for painting. Previously working as an assistant for Kehinde Wiley, Jason's work often explores the person we are, as well as the people we pretend to be. His newest pieces, featured in this exhibition, are challengingly familiar, in a way that can often be difficult to place. Maybe you're certain who they're meant to be... until you suddenly realize that you don't know them at all!

Allison Edge carries a sense of nostalgia in her work. With her command of light, she creates a mood that feels like a memory, like a happy fiction now become fact. Previously working as an assistant for Jeff Koons and McDermott & McGough, Allison carries a great love for her craft, and fans of her solo show Crystal Days will certainly want to revisit her work here.

Quebec-born Ross Racine has shown extensively across the United States and Canada. His "digital drawings" are hand-drawn directly by computer, creating communities that could be taken from some otherworldly Mapquest. They are in no way photographs, yet still carry a convincing feel, leaving you with the assumption that someone, somewhere, has been to see these communities in person.

You'll find Ross' work in the lobby, while work from Jason and Allison occupies the solarium. Come join us on opening night, March 19th, as we begin our very exciting month-long stay at the Roger Smith Hotel!

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