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Monthly Dinner Series: Cravings
Friday, October 22nd, 2010, dinner served at 8:00pm
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concurrent with "PREGNANCY PACT"
October 8th - November 7th 2010
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The only thing better than "hot media" is a hot dinner. So join us on Friday, October 22nd for Cravings, a dinner tied to our capital display of art, the colorful Chino Amobi - "PREGNANCY PACT".

Our dinners always offer you a night that's positively soaked in art, as well as food. As you dine you'll enjoy a discussion with Chino himself, who'll we think you'll find a fascinating speaker. From his approach to art, to his performance persona Diamond Black Hearted Boy, the Alabama-born Chino has shown his work from Virginia to Nigeria, so he's got plenty of things to talk about! You're going to love him as much as we do.

Served family style in the gallery itself, our dinner series is designed to let you enjoy a scrumptious meal while having a thoughtful conversation with strangers. Let yourself be inspired together by the beautiful work covering our walls. Just $45 per person covers dinner, drinks and entertainment. Dinner is served at 8:00pm.

Reservations Required!
Make your reservations before Wednesday, October 21st.
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at 718.388.5388 or via our email address info@likethespice.com
Reservations required!

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