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Like the Spice NotMiami Extravaganza
December 4th, 2009
7pm - 10pm

So Marisa's going to Miami! Know what that means? It means the assistants have the place all to themselves. And you know what that means? It means we're having ourselves a little party!

Sure, she left us behind to watch the place, but you won't tell, right? Of course you won't. So stop by on Friday, December 4th to say hi to all us assistants that are keeping an eye on the place, and help us enjoy our offical NotMiami Extravaganza! We'll have wine, and cheese, and best of all... great art! We're making Like the Spice into a two-level adventure and we want to share it with you!

Upstairs, you'll get to enjoy the new works by Jenny Morgan and David Mramor, as part of our special NotMiami version of Civil Union. Come enjoy the return of some pieces you might have missed, plus check out those newer pieces we're sure you've been loving. And if you haven't yet seen the show... well! What a great excuse to visit us!

Then, downstairs, you'll be enjoying a very special NotMiami themed exhibition. We'll be recreating the feeling of our Miami show, letting you enjoy it fully while still in good ol' New York. Our basement will be bursting with works from Rachel Beach, Jason Bryant, Dean Goelz, Allison Edge, Eric LoPresti, Reuben Negron, Ross Racine and Nicki Stager. It'll be like you've escaped to Miami... only cheaper!

Don't just sit at home alone, pouting about being left behind while your boss has all the fun. Show 'em you're better than that! Grab some friends and come enjoy our NotMiami celebration from 7pm - 10pm on Friday, December 4th.

{224 Roebling Street. Brooklyn, NY 11211}{718-388-5388} {info@likethespice.com} {Wed - Sun 12-7, Mon by appt. only}