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Promise you won't tell?

Like the Spice Miami 2009
Invitation Only

December 1st through 7th

Okay, here's the plan. We get the motel room. You meet us there.
Don't tell anybody, you understand? It's our little secret.

That's right, Miami, we're from New York, so we're doing it our way! We're going to be heading down to a lovely and accommodating Miami hotel, where we'll be showcasing our artists like they've never been showcased before. We'll have works from Rachel Beach, Jason Bryant, Dean Goelz, Michelle Hinebrook, Eric LoPresti, Jenny Morgan and David Mramor, Reuben Negron, Ross Racine and Nicki Stager. Click here and take a little peek! This is your chance to enjoy some fantastic pieces in a very intimate setting. Just remember, this trip is like a romantic getway: beautiful, energizing, desirable, and by invitation only. If you want to come along, you've got to let us know!

But if you do (and we hope you do) everything starts on Tuesday, December 1st with the First Viewing Brunch, an open house from 11am until 3pm. It's a way to get a feel for things without the rush of a crowd. Marisa and Keri will be around too, so you can just relax and enjoy the work.

Of course, if you can't see us just then, we'll understand. We'll also be free during the week too. From 12pm to 8pm, every day, we'll be doing by appointment viewings. This is a chance to really see the pieces one on one, and get that pampering you simply won't find in the halls of a busy fair. Have a good look, ask the hard questions, and enjoy a viewing that's been designed just for you.

On December 5th, starting at 7:30pm, we'll be hosting a very special dinner party, featuring artists Reuben Negron and Rachel Beach. Spaces are limited, so it'll be RSVP ONLY. Reserve your place!

And then, finally, on December 7th, we've got the Last Chance Open House. If there's a piece you're slowly falling in love with, this is the time to be honest about how you feel. It'll be from 12pm until 6pm.

Interesting in joining us? Of course you are! So please, let us know when we can expect you! Contact us at 516-644-7572 or 972-979-2968, and let us know when you'll be free. We'll call you back with our room number and save a space for you and a guest. After all, what good is a secret if you don't get to share it?

But shhhhhh. This exclusive weekend isn't for everybody. So don't tell, okay?

{224 Roebling Street. Brooklyn, NY 11211}{718-388-5388} {info@likethespice.com} {Wed - Sun 12-7, Mon by appt. only}