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Monthly Dinner Series: Maybe Just A Tiny Bite
Friday, January 15th, 2009, dinner served at 8:00pm
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Concurrent with Michelle Hinebrook & Nicki Stager: Exposure
December 18th, 2009 – January 17th, 2010

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Two portions are better than one! Especially when they're so light, yet so fulfilling. So be here on January 15th for Maybe Just A Tiny Bite, a great way to celebrate our latest show, Exposure, mixing the work of Michelle Hinebrook and Nicki Stager into a dazzling exhibition.

Our dinners always offer you a night that's positively soaked in art, as well as food. As you dine you'll enjoy a discussion with Michelle and Nicki. Both women have a background in teaching, and that means they're comfortable talking about art, their influences, and handling tough questions. We expect you'll walk away feeling a little bit smarter.

Served family style in the gallery itself, our dinner series is designed to let you enjoy a scrumptious meal while having a thoughtful conversation with strangers. Let yourself be inspired together by the beautiful work covering our walls. Just $45 per person covers dinner, drinks and entertainment. Dinner is served at 8:00pm.

Reservations Required!
Make your reservations before Wednesday, January 13th.
Use the Paypal link above and reserve your space, or contact us
at 718.388.5388 or via our email address info@likethespice.com
Reservations required!

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