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Reuben Negrón: Artist Biography
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My work tells stories. Inspired by true events and by the people who surround me, I fashion intimate narratives about lives that normally go unsung. The stories told reveal a melancholic reality familiar to most yet rarely celebrated. By focusing on the everyday and the mundane, my work communicates a universal experience that betrays the aspirations and shortfalls of the everyone. My aim is that in each painting we recognize that what often sets us apart is the thing that draws us together. I seek out beauty in the ordinary and commonplace, the dilapidated and the underappreciated. The characters and settings that populate my images tread a thin line between the real and the unreal. Collaged from multiple sources, each image taps a library of personal observations and commentary that underscore an expressive realism more true than false. And yet, each narrative, regardless of content or context, is merely an implied one. The viewer is often asked to complete the stories begun in the images, thereby owning part of the storytelling process. It is in this exchange that my work is fully realized. The audience imbues the art with their own experience, adding another piece to the overall story. In turn, my work becomes a visual essay about the people, places and things it depict as much as it is about the audience viewing it. It tells stories, stories about things we all know, feel, relate to and pass over. It tells stories of our lives, with and without us knowing about it.