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Matt Stone: Artist Statement
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Fully bloom and gelid, with stamens reaching towards event horizon, climbing down constellations of dead stars. The impact, the barbarian, the calm, the explosion, the color of all, illuminated in traced lines of flight, a mirror for the world around it."  Adam Grinovich

My work Is a reflection on the endless levels of details in day-to-day life. In reality nothing is smooth, the closer we look the more we see. My sculptures are to be appreciated as windows through the mundane or rather--zoom-ins on what may be prosaic. They triangulate their position using evolutionary thinking,and transcendental experiences.

When I alter the object it reflects a new way of seeing. As I attempt to find the final nature of the form, I create new seams and new connections. These seams and connections build over time giving the work a corporal history of actions. I nurture these ways of building as if they were animals or plants, thereby alowing the object to create itself. My relationship with these materials is creatively symbiotic.

I believe artistic beauty resides in the interplay between the artist and a real, challenging and infinite world, my art is an excursion into that world.