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Chino Amobi: Artist Statement
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Chino Amobi's multimodal work exposes his deep-seated, optimistic anxiety and personal obsession with popular youth oriented signifiers and the impact they have on contemporary and future culture. Through an active observance of current widely accepted modes of representation, he internalizes and transmutes a common vocabulary into an idiosyncratic code, thus revealing a private and vulnerable dreamscape.

By projecting, literally and figuratively, his subconscious fantasies onto various media including paper, canvas, the Internet, video, and sound, a dialogue is established between artist and audience with the aim of breaking down a superficial barrier between common values and an individual revelation.

In his work, the viewer is initially seduced by a slick surface and playful tones that Chino defines as hot media. However, underneath this physical and metaphorical layer resides an obfuscated language, which the viewer can access through indirect observation. What initially appears as glossy pop is slowly checked by something more foreign and tragic.